Author Interview with Shannon Thompson


Please welcome the adorable Shannon Thompson. Isn’t she cute?! She is only 21, and she is already published! Colour me impressed!

What does your writing day look like? I’m a fulltime student at the University of Kansas, so I spend my days at school. After I eat dinner, I generally go to a local hookah bar, sit down, and write. It’s become my office. I’ll stay there for 3-6 hours depending on how I feel, and then I’ll come home and continue with editing.

What is the most you have written in a day? Oh! A lot. I haven’t counted, but I know it’s probably in the thousands somewhere. I try not to write more than a few chapters now that I’m a little older. Too much time on the computer hurts my eyes, and I’m leaning how to avoid straining myself.

Do you listen to music when you write? Sometimes, but very rarely. I get very distracted by lyrics, so, if I do listen to music, it’s instrumental.

Who gets to read your work before it is published? Fun fact: I wrote Minutes Before Sunset seven years ago when I was in high school. I’d already had a book published, so those fans got to read the original version a long time ago. But the book has been changed a lot, so it’s fun to talk to them about their experiences reading the first version and, now, this one. However, now my publishing team gets to read it.

If your child told you they wanted to be a writer, what advice would you give them? Write with passion; succeed with self-discipline. You must love what you do, especially on the hardest days, and you need to love how hard you will have to work. It’ll be well worth it if you do.


Describe your heroine in five words. Determined. Stubborn. Loving. Learning. Conflicted.

In what way is she most like you? Jessica accepts people for who they are, even if she may not see herself that way. She doesn’t really judge, but it can also lead to conflicting  emotions about people.

In what way is she different? She’s very defensive and has a few moments where she steps over the necessary attitude line.

Did you research this book? Discover anything interesting. Minutes Before Sunset didn’t take a lot of research. But I did a lot of planning. For instance, I have digital maps of all the houses floor plans on my website. That way, scenes were precise from the beginning. 

 If your book was made into a movie, who would you cast in the starring roles? I would insist on an open-casting call for two reasons: I want someone no one has seen before, and I want to give an opportunity to more aspiring actors/actresses.


What would is your favourite meal? Calories don’t count. My favourite meal would be so difficult, because I love a variety of foods, but they might not mix. So my favourite foods: baked brie, pasta, blue cheese salads, cream cheese and bagels, steak, mashed potatoes (anything with potatoes), and pie. I love coffee and pie.

What is the most romantic thing someone has done for you? Being there for your partner every day is the most romantic thing any one can do. But I have to admit whisking us away on an adventure for a few days is lovely.

What would a perfect day for you look like? Late start. Two coffees. Cooler weather. And a day full of possibility—to do whatever I want, like hide in a book store and read books I would’ve never anticipated to read that morning.

What accent do you find the sexiest? Spain or Colombian. Like Sofia Vergara. I wish she narrated my life.

Who is your celebrity crush? Antonio Banderas. Unless Humphrey Bogart magically came back to  life.

Name the sexiest redheaded man. Danny Bonaduce. Because he’s hilarious. And who can be sexy without being funny?