Author Interview with Nina Harrington

 Please welcome the lovely Nina Harrington.  Her book Recipe for Disaster is out now. A romance with recipes, what’s not to love! 


What does your writing day look like?

Since I am a full time writer working from home some discipline is required so I tend to be at my desk straight after breakfast and work for at least three one hour sessions.

If possible I try to avoid email and the Internet until lunchtime if possible. From 1 to 4pm I focus on social media and in the evenings I read for pleasure.


What is the most you have written in a day?

In a 24 session towards the end of the book when I am speeding towards the finale I can write 5000 words. The most I have ever written is probably about 7000 words but that was exhausting and I could not write a word the next day.


Do you listen to music when you write?

Yes I like music with a regular background beat when I am writing. This could be classical instrumental such as Baroque or modern trance house music mixes.


Who gets to read your work before it is published?

The first person to read my work is my editor.


If your child told you they wanted to be a writer, what advice would you give them?

Read, read then read some more. And if you have time spare, read. And read everything in every genre and format until you find what you love.


Describe your heroine in five words.

Fiery, lonely, scared, passionate, talented.


In what way is she most like you?

Tall auburn haired girl who loves to cook for her friends and enjoys a glass of Italian red.


In what way is she different?

I would never allow my family to dictate how I live my life and I would take better care of myself.


Did you research this book? Discover anything interesting.

I made sure that all of the food recipes work and also investigated the dynamics of Italian family firms when it came to inheritance and commercial law.


 If your book was made into a movie, who would you cast in the starring roles?

For my heroine Bunty Brannigan I think Ashley Judd would be terrific. As for my lovely Fabio? How about Raoul Bova

What is your favourite meal? Calories don’t count.

My favourite meal in the world is the charcoal grilled fresh sea bass served in a harbour front taverna in the Ionian Islands washed down with a fruity white Italian wine. Dessert would be crème brûlée and raspberries.

What is the most romantic thing someone has done for you?

My husband agreed that I could give up my high pressure day job, which was well paid with a good pension and benefits package, so that I could realise my dream of being a writer. I did not have a contract or connections but I knew that was what I wanted to do with my life.

What would a perfect day for you look like?

Writing all morning. Networking with the amazing community of writers in the afternoon and then cooking and a glass of wine on the patio on a summer evening. Gorgeous.

What accent do you find the sexiest?

The New Zealand accent is terrific closely followed by the Australian.

Who is your celebrity crush?

Ryan Gosling is a terrific actor.

Name the sexiest redheaded man.

[ can I pass on that one?]





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 About the Author Nina Harrington grew up in rural Northumberland, England and decided aged eleven, that her dream job was to be a librarian because then she could read all of the books in the public library whenever she wanted!

Many years later she took the bold decision to take a career break from working in the pharmaceutical industry to realise her dream of being a fiction writer. No salary. No contract – but following her heart.

As of December 2012 that decision had put over 820,000 copies of her romance books into readers hands. Some of these books have won international awards.

Nina loves to read both suspense and contemporary romance, and is still a total fan-girl when she meets her favourite authors at book-signings and conferences.

When she is not creating stories, which make her readers smile, without the aid of pharmaceuticals, her hobbies are cooking, eating, enjoying good wine, and talking, for which she has had specialist training.

Nina currently writes contemporary romance for the Harlequin KISS line and romantic mystery for Carina UK.


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