Author Interviw with Alana Munro

     Please Welcome Alana Munro to my Blog. Her debut book is out now!



What does your writing day look like? I try to write when my toddler is having his nap in the afternoon. It is not always easy to find the time with young kids but I am always writing down ideas and inspiration in notepads for a later date. I have a million notepads all over the house!

What is the most you have written in a day? I have been known to sit for full days, my eyes bloodshot from the computer, my head thumping. I wouldn’t recommend that! I think it is wise to take plenty tea breaks and going out for a walk or just taking a warm bath to clear the head before writing more.

Do you listen to music when you write? No I quite like silence, again not so easy with three kids!

Who gets to read your work before it is published? My husband, my parents, my editor.

If your child told you they wanted to be a writer, what advice would you give them? I’d say brilliant but have a few more skills and qualifications to fall back on! Writing is a wonderful outlet. If they can make money from it – brilliant! But I’d certainly recommend they have other options so they can eat.

Your book

Women Behaving Badly – Exposing the Truth about Female Friendship

The book is non-fiction/true stories.

It focuses on the toxic behaviours that can go on between some females such as jealously, competition, power games, passive aggression and much more.

But what is unique about this book is the many deeply personal and often shocking real-life stories of the cruel and spiteful behaviours that I have experienced first-hand.

In this book, I am trying to understand why some women behave so badly. What’s really going on? I am also seeking to shine the spot light on these disturbing and hurtful behaviours. I want other women to come forward and not feel alone anymore.

Plenty readers have already contacted me. Often they feel liberated and thankful that I have been so honest. They thought they were alone in their silent struggles with other women. But clearly from my stories, they are not.

The book also highlights what negative behaviours to avoid and the important questions we need to be asking in order to have happier, healthier relationships with women. Happier relations are possible, however, we must first acknowledge the toxic behaviours in order to protect ourselves.

More information about this book at

What is your favourite meal? Calories don’t count.

Lasagne, extra cheese on top please! More, don’t be shy with the cheese! A huge glass of red wine, no make that a bottle. Plenty fresh garlic bread to dip into the lasagne.

What is the most romantic thing someone has done for you? A cup of tea in bed just to wake me up. It’s the little things that matter. Grand gestures are great but the little gestures hidden from the world are more special and say a lot more.

What would a perfect day for you look like? I could sleep till about 9.30am, have a relaxed shower, go to the beach, have a long lunch in the shade with fantastic conversation, have some cocktails, nap, and go for a long walk along the beach. Ahhh sounds good!

What accent do you find the sexiest? I would say Scottish or Irish. I am Scottish and married to a Scot!

Name the sexiest redheaded man.

Tim Minchin. He’s erm…not really that sexy but his mind is brilliant, the way he plays with words in his songs – mind blowing and he is hilarious so that makes him very attractive! He’s a genius.