13839_196334327552_4899169_n Hello and Welcome! My name is Kierney Scott and I write contemporary romance novels. I grew up in California but have spent my entire adult life in Edinburgh, Scotland. In my pre writing life I was a special education teacher. When I moved to Scotland I took a job at a special school, thinking I was going to be teaching children with moderate learning difficulties. I ended up teaching emotionally and behaviourally disturbed children who had been excluded from mainstream school. The learning curve was steep but I learned several new swear words which I still use today, and I have lots of good stories. Remind me to tell you about the time I got stabbed in the leg with a pencil. Good times.

After a few years I left teaching to work with grown ups who only bit when they were thoroughly provoked. I found a job I adored with the Scottish Prostitute Education Programme. In a nutshell, the job was giving out condoms and clean needles to sex workers. The best part was sitting with the women and having a cup of tea and a chat. Sadly the programme lost funding, but by that time I had a baby girl to look after, so I was back to working with little people, but thankfully no stabbing or biting to report. When I am not writing I am at the gym, or eating cake, or hanging out with the two most awesome people on the planet: my husband Alistair, and our daughter G.

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