Meet my Beta Reader: Fiona Wison

I don’t usually give unsolicited writing advice. I give unsolicited advice on just about every thing else, just ask my husband. The one thing I would recommend to a new writer is get a beta reader. Beta readers give you feedback on your work before you release it on the unsuspecting world. My beta reader is Fiona Wilson. She reads my books as I go along and gives me pep talks when I am feeling useless. She is an all around amazing person. This weekend she took part in a marathon. I was so impressed so I asked her to stop by. Image

 Can you tell me a little bit about the Moonwalk? What is it?
The moonwalk started 16 years ago with 13 women walking the New York marathon wearing their bras to highlight breast cancer awareness. It has since grown immensely to events not only in New York, but London, Edinburgh, and Iceland. The charity do Sunwalks in Newcastle, Bristol and Southhampton. This year is also the very first New York Moonwalk. When Nina Burrough started Walk the Walk all those years ago in 1996, she had no experience of fundraising or breast cancer sufferers. However a little over 2 months later she found herself diagnosed with breast cancer. With her encouragement, and that of their patron, Prince Charles, the charity has raised millions of pounds which support sufferers of breast cancer, provides scalp coolers to stop those going through treatment from losing their hair, and has also helped fund Maggie’s centres in Scotland. There is a lot more information on the website which can be found at
What made you choose to do the Moonwalk?
The first year I did it because a friend had decided to do it. Her best friend was, at the time, suffering from breast cancer. I then decided a few years later to do it again on my own. Last year my partner entered with me, but due to the horrendous weather we only managed 15.5 miles before having to pull out. I had to prove to myself this year that I could do it again and finish it, which I’m glad to say I did!
What was your time this year?
8 hours 4 minutes 36 seconds!
What was your training schedule?
To be honest it wasn’t great this year at all. At Easter I had a viral infection with symptoms similar to arthritis. I had swollen feet, ankles, fingers and was in a lot of pain. Due to that I didn’t do much training. But my friend, Kerry, who did the walk with me did all the training. She was an inspiration with how well she did.
What advice do you have for novice walkers?
Do the training! Start as soon as you can building up your miles. Eat carbs beforehand. Walk some hills in your training as there are quite a few along the route. Arthur’s Seat is a very good one to do to prepare yourself. 
How much money have you raised?
Overall I have raised over £1500.
Are you doing it again next year?
NO! I have always said never again after each one, but this year I mean it. This was my fourth time, I have blisters for the first time, and I feel it is a definite sign to stop while I’m ahead. I have always said I would volunteer when I stopped walking. The eldest boy I nanny has always wanted to do the Moonwalk, and this year there was a new event introduced called the New Moon. This is open to children from 10 years old, as well as those newbies who want to see what it is all about. It is 6.6 miles so doable. So if he still wants to do it in a few years I will do the New Moon with him. After that who knows? I don’t feel I have to prove anything to anyone now so would consider doing the Half Moon in the future, but definitely need a few years rest first.
And now books. You have your finger on the literary pulse. Are there any authors I should keep my eye out for?
One of my favourite authors right now is Sophie Davis. Her YA ‘Talented’ series is one of my favourites. I also love Lindsay J. Pryor’s ‘Blackthorn’ series, but you already know that! And a future author, whose work I have had the privilege to beta read, is of course Kierney Scott! There are so many I could name right now but it would take forever. 

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